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Hi, I’m Echo. I love new faces, new voices and meeting new people. It’s a fresh experience every time, and I think that my excitement shows up in the images. I feel so luck that I can record these moments by my camera. I strive to record who your child is, in an honest, beautiful and unique way. All images and designs of mine tell their uncomplicated story with a visual artistry that differs from traditional portraiture.

All images will be taken in natural light! You will never have to feel anxious about getting them to smile because each session is laid back and fun. There are no cheesy smiles, no forced poses. I strive to capture your image as naturally as possible. We will talk, we will play, we will become friends, then I bring out my camera. Thank you for dropping by and hope to see your Family in the future!

Let’s make a memory!




我们接拍孕妇、新生儿、婴幼儿、儿童、家庭照片,可以选择在家中、摄影棚或者户外的任何地点拍摄,灵活的拍摄方式会给您带去更多不同的体验。 如果您喜欢我们的风格,就赶快与我们联系吧!让我们为您记录下孩子与家庭每一个不同阶段的珍贵片段!






拍摄城市Location:香港Hong Kong-深圳 Shenzhen-上海Shanghai,以及周边城市

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